Best Black Friday Mountain Bike Deals

The Black Friday Mountain bike deals are coming in hot this year! We have gathered the best deals on mountain bikes so you can get your perfect ride without spending a fortune. Whether you are looking for a new carbon fiber dream machine or just need a sturdy commuter bike, we have you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our top picks and start riding today! 

Best black Friday Mountain Bike Deals 

Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, we have something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start biking! 

Why should you buy mountain bikes on Black Friday? 

A lot of people are asking themselves “should I buy a mountain bike on Black Friday?”¬†

The answer to this question is simply “Yes, if you can afford it.”¬†

There are many reasons for buying a mountain bike on Black Friday. We have made the following list so that you know exactly why you should buy your next mountain bike on Black Friday. 

-The biggest sales happen on Black Friday, so you have a bigger chance of purchasing a product at a reduced price. Don’t wait for¬†next¬†year!¬†

-If you buy a mountain bike during Black Friday, your bank account can grow healthier because of the discounts offered by stores and online retailers. Take advantage of this! 

-Many people don’t pay attention to Black Friday, that means there are¬†fewer people¬†in¬†the stores which can help you get your mountain bike faster.¬†

-You might be helped by the store employees because they will want to go home earlier than usual. This is very good for us because we usually spend hours trying to choose our new product. 

-When you buy your mountain bike on Black¬†Friday, the risk of getting a defective product is very low. That’s because stores want to get rid of their stock fast.¬†

-You will be able to compare prices faster if you buy your new mountain bike on Black Friday. 

What to Consider When Buying a mountain bike on Black Friday? 

When it comes to buying a bike, there are so many options out there that you can send us head-spinning. And when you already have enough difficulty making up your mind about the choice of bicycle, add to this the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which come with a lot of attractive offers and the situation only gets worse. What should you look for when buying a mountain bike? I have listed some of the most important things to consider in this post. 

1) Frame Material 

Typically, bikes are made up of carbon fiber or aluminum because both materials are sturdy enough to support our weight when riding. Carbon frames are usually lighter compared to those made from aluminum. 

2) Tires and Wheels 

Mountain bikes typically have wider tires for a better grip on rocks, gravel, roots and other bumpy surfaces. Before buying a bike with narrow tires, you need to consider the type of terrain where you ride or intend to use your bike most often. If it is tarmac or smooth surfaces that you are most likely to ride¬†on,¬†then it’s okay to buy a bike with narrow tires.¬†

3) Brake Type 

There are 2 types of brakes available on bikes today, rim brakes and disc brakes. Disc brakes are newer compared to rim¬†brake,¬†but both have their advantages. You should also consider the type of terrain you use the bike. If you are going to ride on trails with a lot of bumps, then disk brakes may be more suitable because they don’t easily wear out or get damaged from obstacles on the trail. On the other hand, rim brakes are easier and cheaper to maintain compared to disc brakes.¬†

4) Gears 

Mountain bikes come with a few gears which make it possible to ride on different types of terrain and for everyday use. But before buying a bike, you need to consider your riding style and know how many gears it needs. If you only intend to use the bike for trail riding, then 21/27 gear sets should be enough while if you want to use it for road or commuting then you might need to buy 30 gears. 

5) Seat Post and Handlebar 

The seats on mountain bikes are typically wider compared to those found in other types of bikes. The handlebars also vary depending on the type of riding that will be done mostly by the bike. For instance, if you are the type of bike enthusiast who loves taking on rugged trails, then you might want to consider buying a bike with wider handlebars because it provides better grip and support. 

6) Brands 

For most people, the brand name of their bikes is not important but there are some owners who prefer using branded mountain bikes like Trek, Santa Cruz or Specialized. Prices of branded bikes are higher compared to non-branded options, but they are excellent quality. 

The last factor to consider when buying a mountain bike is its price. This should always be your final decision, especially if it means purchasing the most expensive option out there.

7) Suspension Type 

Suspended mountain bikes have greater shock absorption ability. This is important to consider if you are looking for a bike that will provide maximum comfort even on bumpy trails.

There are two types of suspension which are available on today’s market, front and full suspension bikes. A full-suspension mountain bike can be very expensive but it’s worth the money if you are the type of mountain biker who loves taking on different types of trails.¬†

8) Tire Size 

Mountain bikes usually come in rugged tire sizes because they need to be able to withstand obstacles and other tough surfaces when riding. But before buying a mountain bike with big tires, you need to consider how you will use the bike and the type of road where you will ride. If it is a smooth surface then smaller tires can do just fine but if it is a bumpy trail, then buying a mountain bike with big tires would be a good idea. 

9) Frame Type 

Dimple carbon fiber frame is another important consideration when buying a mountain bikes on Black Friday. Carbon frame is lightweight which makes the bike easy to maneuver even for beginner riders. On the other hand, aluminum alloy frames are more affordable but they tend to be heavier compared to carbon frames. 

10) Availability of Service Centers 

When you buy a bike from a well-known brand then it is highly likely that it will be available in different service centers. You should also consider this factor because it allows you to get the bike serviced and repaired conveniently when needed especially if you do not know how to repair and maintain a mountain bike. 

11) Material Used 

Most of the time, people often associate mountain bikes with steel materials because they are the¬†most commonly used. However, aluminum and titanium frames are also available on today’s¬†market¬†and they can be a good alternative if you find steel too heavy to use.¬†

12) Be Open Minded 

People usually have specific preferences when buying various¬†items¬†but the truth is that there are mountain bikes out there which can suit your riding style even if they are not exactly what you’re used to riding. The main point is that you should purchase the bike based on your needs and riding preferences instead of simply buying one because it’s advertised as the best option for mountain biking.¬†

13) Ask Friends Who Own Mountain Bikes 

Friends who own different types of mountain bikes typically have a lot of valuable information regarding the purchase of a mountain bike. You can seek their advice and opinions about different types of bikes to use for your favorite sport. The comments and thoughts of your peers will provide you with an idea about which type of mountain bike is best for certain terrain, trails, and riding style. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, when buying a new mountain bike, consider your budget and riding needs. Prioritize the factors which you deem as most important such as comfort, durability and your personal style of biking. Do not forget to read mountain bikes on Black Friday reviews and ask for advice from mountain bikers that you know. 

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