Best Black Friday Lego Deals

If you are looking for the best Black Friday deals on Lego sets, you have come to the right place. We have gathered all the top discounts and offers so that you can find the perfect set at the best price. Whether you are a fan of classic Legos or want something more specialized, we have something for everyone. So do not miss out – check out our list and start planning your shopping now! 

Best Black Friday Lego Deals 

The holidays are a time for fun, family, and friends. It is also the perfect time to get some great deals on your favorite toys! If you are a fan of Legos, then be sure to check out the best Black Friday Lego Deals this year. You will find some amazing discounts on sets, packs and more.  

Why should you buy Lego for your kid? 

Lego is great for any child, but especially for kids between the ages of 7 and 16. This is because this age group really gets into the building aspect of it all. I know that when my dad got me set to build around this age, they were always the ones I enjoyed most. 

The simplicity of Lego has been a major part of its success. From its very beginning, Lego has been about building blocks that have patterns on all sides so that they can be easily combined with any other block from the same set or a different one. This simple concept has led to enormous creativity in kids and adults alike, as each new combination leads to a unique product not found anywhere else. 

Sure, your kid might have a few Lego sets, but it is the combination of all of them together that really lets his or her imagination take flight. The possibilities are endless with Lego. There are even Lego conventions where people can combine their love for building and sharing ideas into one awesome weekend! If this does not entice you that Lego is for everyone, then I am not sure what will! 

Now that you know how cool Lego really is, do your kid a favor and get him or her some sets. They will thank you later for it. 

Are the Lego Black Friday deals still available? 

This year’s Black Friday Lego deals began on November 26, and while they will soon be followed by Cyber Monday Lego deals on November 29, the season is far from over.  

Black Friday has evolved into a week-long event that begins much earlier – and lasts much longer – than you might expect. Indeed, it is likely to continue operating long after the actual ‘Black Friday’ has concluded and will continue to do so until the weekend ends. 

While some of the best deals are reserved for Black Friday itself, the subsequent discounts are worth considering. They range from stocking stuffers to larger Lego kits that take days to complete, so now is an enjoyable time to strike if you are looking for quick gifts ahead of Christmas. 

Where can I find the best Lego deals on Black Friday? 

While the usual suspects such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are all-in on Black Friday Lego deals this year, do not overlook the official Lego website. 2020 discounted numerous sets on its store by a healthy 20%, including the highly sought-after Friends Central Perk kit. also sells exclusive items that you will not find anywhere else, so perusing its offerings this November is necessary. 

Supermarkets are also excellent locations for bargain hunting, with some of their deals being better than anything else available. UK retailers benefit from some fantastic Black Friday Lego deals; Aldi, for example, discounted the Millennium Falcon by 60% last year. Look online or in-person for the 2021 sales to see if we receive any additional exclusive discounts. 

What will be the best Lego Black Friday deals? 

Although there are always many offers flying around in November, the best and most popular Black Friday Lego deals are typically from a galaxy far, far away. For instance, according to our keyword research, ‘Lego Star Wars’ and ‘Lego Millennium Falcon’ were two of the most searched Black Friday terms last year. 

Because Lego and Star Wars have been partners in crime for decades (since 1999 and the release of The Phantom Menace, in fact), they have amassed a sizable collection of kits. Many of these are prohibitively expensive, which explains their popularity during the Black Friday sale. The United Kingdom is an excellent example; Aldi reduced the price of the Millennium Falcon by an absurd 60% last year, and it sold out within minutes. 

We frequently see significant discounts on more technical kits (for example, the sports car collection). Reduced prices on sets like the Senna GTR and Dom’s Dodge Charger from the Fast and Furious franchise have already occurred, and more are certain to follow shortly. 

While it is rarely a significant discount, more expensive items such as the Ultimate Collector line (which includes the Imperial Star Destroyer, AT-AT, and beyond) also see a healthy discount during the Black Friday Lego deals. These items rarely fall below their MSRP/RRP and will therefore sell quickly, so it is worth bookmarking any you are interested in and keeping an eye on them throughout the sales event – particularly the Millennium Falcon. Do not hesitate if you see them receiving a discount; you are unlikely to see them again for months. 

This is especially true of newly released kits such as the Super Mario 64 set and the Mos Eisley Cantina. Both were launched after Black Friday 2020 concluded, making this the first genuine opportunity for a discount. 


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best Black Friday Lego deals. Did we mention that these are some of the most popular toys on earth? It is not too late to bring home a great deal for your family or get something special for yourself! 

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