Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

Best Laptop Black Friday Deals & Sales – Despite the fact that Black Friday has passed, many Black Friday laptop deals remain available and competitively priced, so if you missed out yesterday on your chance to pick up anything from a budget Windows machine to a sleek ultrabook (and everything in between), you’re still likely to find something good below.

Top 5 Black Friday Laptop Deals  

Not to worry, you are not required to deal with Black Friday advertisements because we’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday laptop deals. 

The following is a list of the five best Black Friday laptop deals: 

1. Dell XPS 13 7390 Black Friday Deals  

You can have both execution and lightweight in a similar PC, and Dell’s new XPS 13 7390 is here to demonstrate it. With its 6-center Intel Core i7-10710U CPU, this slim, light machine (accessible using has outpaced more excellent workhorse models. 

Furthermore, no, before we get you excessively stirred up: The XPS 13 7390 and its Comet Lake-U CPU won’t outpace a present workstation with, state, a smoking-quick, cutting-edge Core i7-9750H. Be that as it may, it is the main ultraportable PC to surpass more seasoned seventh gen “H”- class CPUs in heavier PCs, incorporating those in its XPS 15 cousins. 

2. HP Chromebook 14 Laptop Black Friday Deals  

The HP Chromebook 14 is not a performance powerhouse, but the combination of Chrome OS’s speed and a funky blue case makes this a delightful notebook to use.

InIf you’ve ever had reservations about Chromebooks as viable laptop alternatives, the HP Chromebook 14 will dispel any doubts. While many users prefer Windows or Apple notebooks, ChromeOS-powered devices have their place, as demonstrated by this Chromebook.

Indeed, with all of the Chromebook 14’s features and consistent performance, you may decide to make the switch. If all you need is a computer to get online, check your emails, do some essential work, and binge on Netflix, this incredibly affordable device is more than adequate. Add a fantastic keyboard, a superb trackpad, and a stunning 14-inch display, and you have a machine that offers far more value than its low price.

With a laptop of this size, there are some obvious limitations. It will not handle intensive gaming or graphics-intensive tasks such as video editing. However, if your computing needs are more basic, the HP Chromebook 14 is the way to go, especially when considering that one costs reasonably.

3. Lenovo Yoga C940 15 Black Friday Deals  

The Lenovo Yoga C940 15 is a workhorse PC somewhat extra contrasted with the Dell XPS 15 or the MacBook Pro. Of course, it looks sharp and has a splendid showcase. Yet, it likewise has a touchscreen that flips around into tablet mode, an inherent pointer for composing or portraying, and—thank sky—a full-sized USB-A port to supplement its two USB-C associations. 

4. ASUS L410 MA-DB04 Ultra Thin Laptop Black Friday Deals  

Even by budget laptop standards, the Asus Laptop L410 is an affordable Windows 10 system. Budget laptops are those that cost less than $500, and the L410 model we reviewed (L410MA-DB02) comes in at just over half price.

Only a few Windows 10 models (such as the HP Stream 11) cost less than that brand new, and for that price, you do get a functional Windows 10 system with a surprisingly sturdy build, valuable ports, and good battery life.

However, the screen quality is lacking, and anything beyond basic tasks will be a challenge for the Celeron CPU, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of storage. If your budget allows for more flexibility, we recommend the MSI Modern 14. Nonetheless, compromises are to be expected, and this is one of the better bargains under $300. 

5. Dell’s Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Black Friday Deals  

Dell’s Latitude 7400 2-in-1 (accessible through is a 14-inch business PC that conveys battery life and execution throughout the day. It accomplishes a staggering 18 hours of battery life utilizing an incredible Intel eighth-gen Whiskey Lake processor, and it offers a whole supplement of ports in addition to a marginally gimmicky element called ExpressSign-in (it’s genuinely spelled that way). 

Laptop Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals  

If you’re already on the lookout for Black Friday-level laptop deals, it’s worth considering the specifications and features you’re looking for. There are a few easy-to-spot signs of a good deal, which is helpful given how difficult it is to determine whether you’re looking at a Black Friday-level deal or not.

Our price comparison engine is working around the clock to bring you the best deals on some of our favorite laptops this side of Black Friday. Whether you’re an Apple devotee, prefer a sleek Dell XPS ultrabook, or even a Chromebook or gaming powerhouse, these are the best deals available.

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