Best Black Friday fridge freezer deals

Want a new refrigerator-freezer? Our experts have compiled excellent deals on well-known brands such as Haier, Hisense, and Samsung. 

A little research could save you hundreds of pounds, whether you are redesigning your kitchen or purchasing a new refrigerator freezer because your old one broke down. 

With Black Friday quickly approaching, we’ve compiled this list of already available deals. The refrigerator-freezer models we’ve chosen are all respectable but may not be Best Buys. However, each is available at a reasonable discount.¬†

Don’t forget to factor in delivery fees; some of these appliances are large and may require two people for delivery.¬†Additionally, we recommend verifying the product’s availability before ordering. Some retailers of electrical appliances may still be experiencing supply or delivery issues.¬†

Due to 2021’s revisions to the energy labels for refrigerators and freezers, you won’t see as many refrigerators with an A rating. For an energy-efficient freestanding fridge freezer, we advise you to search for at least a D class on the new energy labeling system or consult our fridge freezer operating costs calculator.¬†

Intent on taking advantage of the Black Friday sales? Visit our Best Black Friday deals 2022 page for more information. 

Where to locate discounts on specific refrigerator freezer brands 

Amazon, AO, Argos, Curry’s, and John Lewis, among other major high-street and online retailers, typically offer better deals than the manufacturers.¬†

To ensure you select a model that meets your needs, read our refrigerator freezer reviews. Thus, you will avoid purchasing a “deal” that turns out to be a dud.¬†

Haier fridge freezer deals 

Suppose you have your heart set on a multi-door or American-style refrigerator freezer. In that case, Haier offers a wide selection of retailers such as AO, Currys, and John Lewis. Check the websites of all the major retailers to ensure that you are receiving a competitive price on a giant refrigerator freezer. 

Beko fridge freezer deals, Currys, and John Lewis are among the many brick-and-mortar and online retailers that carry Beko’s budget-friendly refrigerator-freezer selection. Currently, you cannot purchase directly from the Beko website. However, if you are buying a Beko model elsewhere, you should register your purchase on the Beko website within 90 days to extend the standard one-year warranty to two years.¬†

Fridgemaster fridge freezer deals 

Fridgemaster refrigerator-freezers are already reasonably priced, so it will be challenging to find a substantial discount. The brand is available at discount retailers such as AO, Appliances Direct, and Argos. 

Which refrigerator freezer features warrant a premium price? 

There are a few features beyond the basics that are worth paying for: 


      • Frost-free freezers prevent ice from accumulating in the freezer compartment, so they never require defrosting.
      • Some models feature alarms that notify you if the door has been left open or the temperature has dropped.¬†
      • Quick-chill and quick-freeze functions help to preserve food’s nutrients, allowing it to remain fresher for longer.
      • Adjustable door racks allow you to optimize door storage by maximizing available space.¬†
      • Holiday mode conserves energy when you are not storing a large quantity of fresh food.¬†

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