Best Black Friday Deals Available Early on Amazon Devices

Amazon is best known as a retail giant but also produces gift-worthy intelligent devices. Consider Amazon Echo speakers, Eero routers, Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV media players, and Ring doorbells. 

Moreover, these devices are frequently available at discounted prices during early Black Friday sales, even at Best Buy, Home Depot, and Staples. 

Below are the best deals we’ve found on Amazon’s devices; however, we will continue to add new deals through Black Friday 2022, so check back frequently. Want additional discounts? Visit our website hub for the most recent discounts on top-rated products. 

Why should I shop with Which on Black Friday? 

Concerning finances, 2022 has been a challenging year for many households. Due to the rising cost of food, energy, and other household necessities, purchasing items that provide the best value for money is essential. 

For example, Black Friday may seem like an excellent opportunity to save money if you need a new mattress or refrigerator freezer. 

Unfortunately, not all advertised Black Friday “deals” are good. Thus, Which? It comes into play. 

Our specialists monitor prices throughout the year (not just when the sales are on). This enables us to cut through the retailer’s marketing and bring you the deals we deem to be of genuine value. 

On our Best Black Friday Deals pages, we’ll only feature deals on products we’ve tested and found to be of high quality. We will not promote sales of products whose performance we know to be subpar. 

Before making a purchase, reading our reviews will help determine if a product is right for you, allowing you to get the most value for your money. 

This page will be regularly updated with new deals as soon as retailers announce them, so check back frequently. 

What will Black Friday’s best deals be? 

Based on past years, we expect retailers to offer discounts in all departments. Here, we will compile the best home and technology deals. 

Deals on home goods include large appliances like washing machines, mattresses, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerator-freezers; smaller devices include air fryers, coffee makers, and microwaves. 

Our deals on technology will include popular laptops, televisions, headphones, iPads, and tablets, as well as smaller items like smartwatches. 

Best Black Friday shopping strategies 

Get a head start on Black Friday deals with our top shopping tips and consumer rights advice. 

Check out the website Which? 

In addition to finding you the best Black Friday deals, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst stores. Did we survey tens of thousands of Which? Members about their experiences shopping in some of the nation’s most well-known stores and websites and their opinions on lesser-known brands. 

After analyzing the data, we can determine which retailers offer the best product quality, selection, and value. To find out which retailers excelled in our most recent retail survey, visit our comprehensive guide to the best and worst stores. 

Watch out for sneaky Black Friday tricks. 

Some retailers use deceptive methods to induce you to make a purchase. These include anchor pricing (when products are frequently on sale), pressure selling (’30 people are viewing this right now!’), and questionable claims about a product’s ‘before’ price. 

Use a tool like PriceRunner to compare prices across retailers if you are unsure of the value of a deal. 

Investigate customer reviews 

Before purchasing a product, it’s always a clever idea to read reviews. Remember that not all reviews are reliable, as some sellers incentivize people to post fake positive reviews to drown out genuine negative ones. 

Check out our expert guide on how to spot a fake review if you have any doubts. 

Returning goods 

The Consumer Contracts Regulations apply if you purchase a product in-store or online. 

The regulations allow you 14 days to return a non-defective product, beginning when you receive the goods. It is always advisable to check before making a purchase, as many merchants offer more extended warranties. 

Need additional information on your online shopping rights? See our online returns guide. 

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