Best Amazon Black Friday Deals Available Early

Amazon has officially entered its holiday mode. The retailer began offering early Black Friday deals during its October Prime Day last month, and the hits have continued. 

The retailer offers steep discounts on 4K televisions, laptops, clothing, home furnishings, iPads, and other products. It’s a lot to take in, even for us, so we’re taking a step back, skipping the average deals, and highlighting the best deals you can get. 

As expected, Amazon offers an abundance of discounts on hardware. The year’s lowest prices have been reached for Fire TV Sticks, Echo Dots, and a handful of Blink security cameras. Amazon also offers a lot of discounts on Apple products. For example, the iPad Air 2022 is currently at its lowest price. However, Best Buy is countering several Amazon’s deals and, in some instances, offering sales that Amazon has not yet introduced. 

Additionally, watch out for third-party merchants. Due to the rapid depletion of inventory, Amazon relies on third-party retailers to sell products. In a few instances, however, we’ve observed third-party vendors selling used or refurbished items instead of brand-new ones. While the product page typically displays when an item is used, the fine print may be difficult to read, so be mindful of your merchant before clicking the purchase button. 

Here are the best Amazon Black Friday deals we’ve seen today. As additional sales are introduced, this page will be updated accordingly. 

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