Best 23andMe Black Friday Deals

Everyone has an innate desire to know their ancestry, and 23andMe tests can help make it more affordable. Check out this guide to learn more about 23andMe products and where to find the best Black Friday 23andMe deals.

In the past, we relied on family tales to learn more about our history. However, not all individuals have access to this information, and human memory can be fallible. We now have a more precise way to learn about our ancestry, health, and everything else. It is all because of 23andMe.

It is possible to discover your ancestry and connect with distant relatives by providing a saliva sample. But that’s not all. Various 23andMe kits can provide you with more information about what your DNA reveals about your likelihood of possessing certain physical traits. You can also learn how genetics affect your chance of developing certain diseases. Best of all, you can use this information to make healthy lifestyle changes.

If you are interested in purchasing a 23andMe kit for yourself or a loved one, Black Friday is an excellent time to shop. You can expect to find discounts on all of the company’s services. We can provide specific details on how and where to save on 23andMe during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

23andMe Black Friday deals

You may believe that gaining access to the information provided by 23andMe is expensive. However, 23andMe kits can often be purchased at a discount.

To demonstrate, here are some of the best 23andMe discounts:


Do 23andMe products go on sale?

Throughout the year, 23andMe discounts tend to appear at various times. Holidays, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are the best time to find them at your favorite stores. If you want to find a discounted 23andMe kit outside of the holiday season, the best way to do so is to check the 23andMe website periodically.

Where can you find 23andMe products on sale?

When searching for 23andMe discounts, it is sometimes best to go directly to the source because the 23andMe website offers discounts on different kits. Amazon and Walmart are additional excellent sources for 23andMe discounts.

What kinds of 23andMe products are offered?

Many believe that 23andMe only provides ancestry information, but different kits can tell you much more.

Here is an overview of the various 23andMe products:

  • The 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service can provide additional information about your ancestry based on your DNA. This kit covers more than 2,000 regions of origin. In addition to lineage, this kit can use your DNA to determine your physical characteristics and personal preferences.
  • Using the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service, you can learn about your ancestry and what your genes reveal about your traits and likelihood of developing specific health conditions.
  • With the 23andMe+ Premium Membership Bundle, you gain access to information about your ancestry, traits, and susceptibility to developing certain diseases. You will also receive exclusive reports and articles throughout the year.

What are 23andMe’s key features?

Before deciding which 23andMe kit to purchase, it is helpful to know the various things each report can reveal. There is no need to buy a deluxe kit if you are only interested in your ancestry.

Here are some of the various features offered by 23andMe:

  • The ancestry function analyzes your DNA to determine your ancestral makeup. It enables you to discover where your ancestors lived and how they traveled the world. This test is quite exhaustive, as it examines over 2,000 regions. Additionally, it is highly accurate because it can estimate your ancestry to within 0.1%. You can also opt-in to use the 23andMe DNA Relatives tool to connect with people who share your DNA if interested.
  • The traits feature analyzes your DNA to identify your distinctive characteristics. It includes physical characteristics such as freckles, photobleaching hair, and preferences for taste and smell. The test can also reveal what your DNA reveals about your musical ability.
  • The health feature is helpful if you want to learn more about genetics affecting your likelihood of developing specific diseases. You can then use this knowledge to make beneficial lifestyle adjustments. This feature can also determine whether or not you carry certain inherited diseases.

Using this information, you can determine what information you require before choosing the optimal 23andMe kit.

Best 23andMe Black Friday Deals – FAQs

If you want insight into health data and possible diseases running in your family, opt for one of the tests from 23andMe. For an in-depth look into family ancestry, including family migration history, and access to a larger database, AncestryDNA is the better choice.

Rest assured knowing that… We will never share your genetic or self-reported data with employers, insurance companies, public databases or 3rd party marketers without your explicit consent. We give you full control to decide how your information is used and with whom it is shared.

The $125 upgrade fee is non-refundable and we are unable to revoke access to these reports once purchased. When upgrading from the 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service to the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service, sales tax is charged if the billing address is in Hawaii, West Virginia, or South Dakota.

23andMe is one of the best DNA tests on the market right now. It offers detailed results about both ancestry and health in a way that’s extremely easy to understand and navigate. Although health testing costs you extra, it’s well worth it to get a deeper understanding of your DNA.

Our algorithms make ancestry estimates based on probabilities and they’re generally very accurate, but your results are not set in stone. We are always trying to improve and refine these estimates.

23andMe is not a service designed to help people find their biological parents, but one feature can help you find and connect with genetic relatives.

If a 23andMe user completes a valid authorization to disclose their Genetic Information to law enforcement, then 23andMe will disclose the information identified in the authorization.

The $29 charge is for those who have enrolled in the 23andMe+ subscription. U.S.-based users with a V5 chip test can opt to pay this annual fee of $29.

To receive a refund for an unused kit, you must notify us within thirty (30) days of placing your order in 23andMe’s online store or paying a lab fee directly to 23andMe that you request a refund and confirm that you have not yet shipped your saliva sample to our laboratory.

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