Best Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

The beach can be a lot of fun. However, the beautiful blue sea is not always enough to entertain the younger family members, so entertainment is essential. Having some toys on hand to occupy your child could save the day. 

Depending on your child’s age, beach activities vary significantly. Sand molds, pails, and shovels may appeal to infants and toddlers. However, older children and adolescents require more entertainment and are interested in playing lacrosse or other ball games.¬†

We have researched the best beach toys for children of all ages. 

What makes a beach toy great? 

The best beach toys are those that encourage creativity. Many modern toys are highly stimulating. They emit sound, illuminate, and have intricate components. They are entertaining but do not require imagination from children. The appeal of simple toys is that they encourage creative play. The beach provides numerous play opportunities. A few simple toys, such as a sandbox, can provide hours of entertainment. 

Varieties of Beach Toys 

We will categorize the three basic types of beach toys according to their use. These items are sand, water, and beach toys. 

Sand Toys 

Sand toys are ideal for constructing intricate sandcastles or digging in the sand. Most sand toys are made of plastic and come in vibrant hues. If you are concerned about the environment, you can also find them made from recycled plastic. 

Sand toys include: 

  • shovel¬†
  • sifter¬†
  • castle mold¬†
  • bucket¬†
  • sand wheel¬†
  • sand playset¬†


A shovel is one essential beach piece of equipment. A baby who can enjoy digging in the sand is a plus. Older children can use the shovel to scoop sand for a sandcastle. 

The use of shovels to construct castle roads and moats can provide hours of entertainment. 

Sand Sifter 

Sand sieves are excellent for sensory play. Children can fill the sifter with sand and observe it fall through the holes. If you are constructing a sandcastle, a sifter will remove rocks and sticks from the sand. This makes a solid, smooth sandcastle. 

Young children are frequently mesmerized by the sand’s movement and enjoy the sensation of it running across their hands.¬†

Castle Mold 

A castle mold is an excellent sandcastle-building tool. They range from extremely simple to complex. Many include molds of many sizes for a variety of effects. In addition to castle molds, there are molds for sea creatures and other entertaining shapes. 


Want to foster your child’s creativity and imagination? Provide them with a sand bucket and allow them to construct a sandcastle.¬†

Castle molds have exciting details. The simplicity of a pail’s structure can inspire children to add their details.¬†

Sand Wheel 

A sand wheel is comprised of a funnel and a wheel. When sand is poured into the funnel, the wheel begins to rotate. Water may also be used to turn the wheel. 

Filling the funnel develops hand-eye coordination and is an excellent introduction to the scientific principles underlying motion. 

Sand Toy set 

A sand playset contains various sand toys. These sets include everything necessary for a day at the beach and may quickly become a favorite beach toy. 

The most basic sets will consist of a shovel, a pail, and a few sand molds. Elaborate sets may include castle molds, a sand wheel, and a sieve. 

Water Toys 

Water play is an enjoyable component of a beach vacation. Water toys can be entertaining whether you are in the ocean, a lake, or your local swimming pool. 

Water toys include: 

  • boogie board¬†
  • pool noodle¬†
  • water gun¬†

Boogie Board 

The boogie board has become a classic childhood toy that is also enjoyable for adults. Most boogie boards are constructed from foam. This enables the board to float and support a surfer’s weight in the water.¬†

Anyone capable of gripping the board’s sides can utilize this simple floatation device. It differs from other float toys because, like a bodyboard, it can also be used to ride mild waves.¬†

Pool Noodle 

Similarly, pool noodles are made of foam. They are multicolored, noodle-shaped, and available in assorted sizes. Adults can float on larger noodles, while smaller noodles are ideal for children. 

The versatility of a pool noodle is part of its appeal. You can float while holding onto it. You can “ride” the pool noodle by placing your body on it and seeing how long you can go without falling in.¬†

They can also be employed for mock jousting and friendly jabs. 

Water Gun 

The discussion of water toys would be incomplete without mentioning water guns. Water guns range from fundamental plastic models with a trigger and plug to intricate designs that require pumping. If you become overheated on the sand, this is an excellent way to cool off. 

Beach Toys 

Beach toys are not exclusive to the beach. They can be played with anywhere outdoors, and they can also enhance a day at the beach. 

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Beach Toy For Your Kid. 


Since the toy will spend most of its time on the beach, you should consider how to clean it. Toys that can retain water should be avoided, as this could lead to mildew or mold growth if not properly dried. Also, if your child is anything like mine, those toys will inevitably end up in the bathtub. 


If they break, low-quality toys are not only a waste of money but can also provoke some temper tantrums. The best material is rigid plastic. It can endure salt water, sun, sand (wet and dry), and a little roughhousing. 

Size and Weight 

When taking your family to the beach, you probably pack multiple bags. You require additional clothing, towels, etc. You do not want the beach equipment to be a burden. 

It is essential to find a toy that fits your child’s needs in terms of size. Additionally, it would be best to avoid toys that are too heavy. After a long day at the beach, carrying chubby toys and exhausted children can be a hassle.¬†


The child’s age is one of the most important factors when searching for enjoyable beach toys and activities. We have compiled some brief examples to assist you:¬†

  • Bright colors and chunky, essential toys made of hard plastic are suitable for infants.¬†
  • The classic bucket and shovel could provide an infant with hours of entertainment.¬†
  • It’s all about simple games and activities for children. Your child may also be interested in building a magnificent sandcastle.¬†
  • Tweens and teens may enjoy ball games or ocean exploration activities.¬†


Many beach toys are conveniently packaged in mesh storage bags or bins. Beach toys must be kept in an excellent, dry location during the off-season, such as a basement or garage. Toys made of plastic can be stored in plastic bins or crates when they are not in use. In addition, they make it easy to organize and access items before long trips. Lawn games should be stored in their original packaging, typically a bag or box, to ensure durability so that your family can enjoy the summer after summer. 

Use soap and water to remove dirt, sand, or salt from plastic beach toys. Additionally, wooden toys can be cleaned with soap and water. Just ensure that they are completely dry before using or storing them. Before leaving the beach, rinse your toys in the ocean to remove excess sand and preserve the cleanliness of your bags, cars, and homes. 

Amazon and other major online retailers offer a vast selection of beach toys for children of all ages. Big-box retailers, such as Target and Walmart, also provide various products, although in-store displays may be more seasonal. Local surf shops in beach towns are another excellent option for shopping in person. When shopping online, make sure to order in advance so that all your toys and supplies arrive before a trip or beach vacation. 

Many beach toys and games can also be used outdoors. Sand toys belong in sandboxes. Pool noodles are usable in the pool. For outdoor play, bubbles and Frisbees are ideal toys. The beach is not the only location where horseshoes and spikeball can be played. 

To prevent becoming bored at the beach: 

  • Bring suitable entertainment.¬†
  • Bring a book and a chaise lounge chair instead of electronic devices.¬†
  • Participate in the amusement by building a sandcastle or going swimming.¬†
  • Bring beach games for everyone to enjoy.¬†


This article has provided a list of the best beach toys for kids of all ages. Whether you are looking for a toy to keep your toddler occupied or something to keep older kids entertained, there is something on this list for you. So, grab your sunscreen and head to the beach! 

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