The teenage years are a time of discovery and self-identity. It is also a time when acne treatment is most necessary. Considering that 85% of teenagers in the United States are affected by some form of acne, it is both a medical and cosmetic problem, one that requires attention. However, not all treatments will work for everyone. The myths about the causes of acne confuse teenagers even more.

Myths debunked

Indeed, there are a lot of beliefs about this condition. Many of these beliefs are not scientifically sound. It has been thought for many years that chocolate or oily foods contributed to acne. This is not true. It may be the belief of many people, but scientific studies find no relation between the condition and diet. You can eat all the chocolate in the world, but you will not get acne because of those chocolate bars.

Another prevalent belief is that vigorous face washing is the most effective acne treatment. Actually, this may cause facial skin to be more irritated, even as its pores are clogged. When this happens, the situation becomes worse. In fact, skin affected by this condition should be treated gently. Scrubbing and other vigorous forms of treatment are definitely not recommended.

Acne care

Aside from facial scrubs, there are quite a few acne remedies available on the market. Dermatologists will usually recommend some form of cream to help clear the skin. These creams are not by any means a cure, but they do help the patient to deal with the symptoms. Depending on the kind of infection, complete therapy may also include oral medication.

For the teenager who needs natural acne treatment, there are options such as tea tree oil. This substance kills the bacteria that cause the condition. Zinc may help in fighting the scars and wounds brought on by an outbreak. Numerous vitamins and minerals, like vitamin A and chromium, may help prevent acne.

Consultation is still best

It must be noted, however, that no supplement, cream, or medication will work alone. In other words, they are not a cure-all for the condition. People suffering from it need to consult a dermatologist to find the best acne solution for their situation. They are medical professionals especially trained to deal with skin problems, and it would be wise to listen to their recommendations.

No acne treatment is a miracle-worker. The condition will not disappear in a matter of a few hours or days. Rather, it will take several weeks for any medication to take effect. Patience is the key to the effective management and eventual cure of acne. No teenager wants to be a walking spectacle, and it is understandable when they run low on patience. However, this is a very treatable condition, and the cure is dependent on how well they follow their prescribed acne remedies. If they do this, they are well on their way to regaining their pre-acne look and the self-esteem that goes along with it.

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